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JABES Seminars

Journal of Asian Business and Economic Studies (JABES) is an international peer-reviewed semi-annual journal addressing development of business and economics. JABES seeks to explore ways of improving the sustainability of business and economics by examining potential solutions to business and economic issues under both theoretical and empirical aspects with the recognition of 'sustainable development' as a process of change involving nations, economies, political alliances, institutions, groups, firms, and individuals into long-term benefits.

JABES regularly organize seminars for Professors, Researchers, and PhD students to present their papers, ideas and research projects and sharing knowledge for benefits of everyone. We welcome papers or ideas covering global, regional, national, or even local topics of business and economic development that are of wider policy significance, and of interest to international agencies, governments, public and private sector entities, local communities, non-governmental organizations, and businesses.

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Jan. 12, 2018 second seminar

Paper: "Measuring Uncertainty in the Real Estate Sector"

Presenter: Dr Binh Thanh Nguyen (SBM, RMIT Vietnam)

       Jan. 12, 2018. 2pm - 4pm (Hanoi Time)

       Room A.317 - Campus A

       University of Economics HCMC - 59C Nguyen Dinh Chieu St., Ward 6, District 3, HCMC, Vietnam

Abstract: "This paper presents a new measure of uncertainty for the real estate sector. Using the framework of measuring Macro Uncertainty by Jurado, Ludvigson, and Ng (2015), we find that our measure of Real Estate Uncertainty captures additional aspects compared to theirs: first, the periods of high uncertainty are markedly different, especially for longer prediction horizons. Second, we find that the unconditional standard deviation of Real Estate Uncertainty is lower compared to Macro or Financial Uncertainty by Ludvigson, Ma, and Ng (2016) - which suggests that the Real Estate sector is not as frequently subject to (uncertainty) shocks. Our Real Estate Uncertainty measure is both Granger-causal and has a long-run impact on both housing starts and housing prices - in contrast to the other uncertainty measures that impact only housing starts"

Full slide: Paper

Dec. 14, 2017 first seminar

Paper 1: “The process of Research and Publication”
Presenter: Nick Nguyen

Paper 2: “Economic openness and patents: institutional evidences”

Presenter:  Su Dinh Thanh, Christophe, Canh Nguyen

       Dec. 14, 2017. 9am - 11am (Hanoi Time)

       Room A.317 - Campus A

       University of Economics HCMC - 59C Nguyen Dinh Chieu St., Ward 6, District 3, HCMC, Vietnam

Full slide: 

- Paper 1

- Paper 2